Education & Performance Videos

This is an audition video I had to submit to an agency for performance work, which I had to learn in a short amount of time. I could help you the student strategise and develop the skill to quickly breakdown songs so you can be more productive in your practise and performance.

This is a video of an old rehearsal where the band were doing an arrangement of two songs. Firstly I had to know both songs well but I also had to bring my own ideas to the musical scenario. I can give students the tools  to apply creativity when they need it.   

This is some gig footage from when I did a one off performance I had been hired for. This song was called out by the band, which in honesty I didn’t really know well, but through developed listening and onstage communication skills I was able to get (blag) though it. Listening, groove, time and feel are the aspects I try to impart on to all students from the first lesson onwards!


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