About Me

Jack Newton on the drums


Hi, my name’s Jack. I am a freelance musician based in Manchester, UK and I have an enormous enthusiasm for listening, learning, teaching, composing and performing music. 

I started drum lessons in the 90’s at high school and since then I have always wanted to be a musician. After quite a while of banging on tables alongside saving up my paper round money, I was able to afford my first drum kit.

There were no instruments in my house growing up as I do not come from a musical family but I found my parents vast record collection a constant source of inspiration that exposed me to new worlds of sounds, cultures and musical textures.

Throughout my teenage years I began playing with school friends in ‘bedroom bands’ as well as studying music formally at school, college and then finishing in 2009 with BA in Pop Music studies from Leeds College of Music.

Since leaving university I have gone on to specialise in musical education and performance, which I continue to make a living from today. Through my professional experiences and up bringing I believe I can give guidance and expertise to help anyone reach their musical potential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Newton


I began teaching privately from home in 2006 and since then I have moved between various forms of educating from peripatetic, to one-to-one support, to classroom teaching.

Live Performing

Over 20+ years of experience I have played in garage bands, function bands, street carnival parades, pubs, clubs and theatre shows throughout the UK, which I still continue to do today.